Design, issue and manage credentials anywhere, anytime


Configurable: Create custom designs and workflows to meet your specific needs. 

Out-of-the-Box Integration: Automatically integrate with your existing databases. including from Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL server to more sophisticated enterprise applications, TruCredential software can integrate with your organizations systems. 

Easy to deploy and manage over your network: Install and license on just a server, and remotely deploy and manage users and data. 

Easy-to-Use: Browser-based operation lets you use TruCredential software anytime and anywhere. (No Internet connection is required.) Design a new card quickly with intuitive, drag-and-drop designs and workflows—customized to fit your needs. 

Enhanced Features: Pre-built smart card configurations are available and easy to set up through the user interface.  Keep track of your issuance program with comprehensive reporting. 

Part of a complete solution: Entrust Datacard offers software, printers, supplies and service to provide the customer with a complete solution. 

Works with the latest technology, including Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

If your enterprise uses Novell® Directory Services (NDS), WebID software is the only Internet-based, enterprise-wide identification and authentication solution that combines NDS as the central repository for storing identity assets with remote retrieval, capture and card issuance via the Internet. WebID's suite of identity information software includes packages for data retrieval, image capture and card issuance, as well as the new biometrics option and guest registration software. We also offer a Personal Server version of the software, which applies all the benefits of these packages to a stand-alone workstation environment.