Label & Wristband Printers

Everything you need for positive patient identification and automation - from a single source!

Midwest Card offers a full line of positive patient identification thermal and barcode printers and their supplies, including wristbands, colored risk alert products, labels & more.

Accurately and automatically identify patients with legible, tamper-proof ID wristbands. Label specimens, track medical records, charts, files, and test results with barcoded labels.

Wristband sizes include Adult, Pediatric and Infant.

Midwest Card provides AMT Datasouth Intelligent thermal printers and downtime solutions. Featuring printers for networked, stand alone, bedside and downtime capabilities.

PALSAFE is a complete, Windows-based, stand-alone software solution for use in downtime patient admittance administration. Each PALSAFE solution is customized and includes pre-designed data input and printing templates to match the hospital’s specific application requirements. All patient data entry records are automatically encrypted. When the downtime situation is cleared, PALSAFE data can be exported to the hospital’s HIS via Excel or flat file formats.




If you need fast 4-inch thermal printers that are easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage, then choose the ZD420. Building on the legacy of the industry-leading GK Series printers, the ZD420 Series printers deliver features and functionality that take deployment and management simplicity to a new level. The ZD420's faster, higher-quality printing keeps your business moving, along with application flexibility and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).



Zebra’s GX™ Series and ZD500™ printers pair the fastest print speeds with the most complete feature set of our desktop printer lineup. Innovative label, receipt and tag-handling capabilities enable the flexibility you need. Offering top print quality and a variety of connectivity options, the GX420™, GX430™ and ZD500 printers support the widest range of applications and can be integrated into almost any environment so that you can improve efficiency and profitability, save time and reduce operator training.


S700 Thermal Printer

The powerful, full featured, high performance printer offers excellent value. No need to experience any "down time" if your system goes down. Just plug in a standard keyboard and continue to print wristbands or labels until your HIS is up again. Perfect for patient wristbands and a variety of labels.


S500 Thermal Printer

The S500 is one of the strongest and most durable printers in the industry. Available in both thermal transfer and direct thermal models. With industrial strength features and high print capabilities, it is one of the best values in the market.


S200 Portable Thermal Label Printer

Compact and durable describe it best. The S200 printer performs like a star in so many applications - but some of our favorites are lab specimen labels, on-demand label printing and mobile cart or bedside printing.


S100 Barcode Printer

The S100 printer is the perfect direct thermal printer for producing patient wristbands and labels. It's compact, yet, holds a full 6.5" roll of media. With its 2" print width it can also be used for printing pediatric bands, labels and infant tags.


ISG S-PT1 Thermal Label Printer

The ISG S-PT1 is a lightweight compact printer ideally suited for a wide variety of mobile applications from receipts to barcode labels. Couple the Bluetooth version with a Bluetooth scanner for the perfect patient bedside specimen label solution.


Thermal Wristband Labels

Available in a variety of roll diameters, closure styles, colors and widths. Custom wristbands are also available.


PDC Wristbands & Labels

Precision Dynamics provides accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use healthcare ID solutions that improve the delivery of care. Their wristband and label systems work throughout the hospital—from admissions to discharge, from laboratory to pharmacy, from nursing to labor and delivery.

Precision Dynamics wristbands and labels systems help to eliminate human errors by accurately identifying the patient and connecting anything collected from, administered to, or performed on that patient. They also bolster efficiencies, improving the effectiveness of communication between caregivers, while saving time and resources.


LaserBand Wristbands & Labels

Midwest Card offers a wide variety of comfortable, self-laminating wristbands, labels and wristband/label combination stock for laser printers to solve patient identification needs of any healthcare facility.

LaserBand is a unique combination of materials that enables the generation of a durable, waterproof patient identification wristband from any standard laser printer. This all-in-one band has a large area for laser-imaging the patient's name, account numbers, multiple bar codes, color photographs, and any other necessary information.

Through superior engineering and design, this is a wristband that is tear proof, moisture proof and scratch or smudge proof. The all-in-one design is completely self-laminating, eliminating any extra steps in clearly identifying a patient.

Midwest Card offers a wide variety of comfortable, self-laminating wristbands, labels and wristband/label combination stock for laser printers to solve patient identification needs of any healthcare facility.