High Volume Printing

The highest volume card issuers count on Midwest Card for in-line systems that provide optimal return on investment!

We'll help you design systems that allow you limitless card personalization capabilities and help you create operational efficiencies you never dreamed possible! We'll show you how to reduce costs using in-line systems that produce the most highly customized card fulfillment packages - with 100% matching of cards and forms to mailers - and almost no human intervention!

Choose from a wide range of in-line card personalization capabilities, including:

  • Full-color photo and signature printing
  • Smart card microchip reading/writing
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • High-speed embossing
  • Color foil topping
  • Thermal printing of logos, text and bar codes
  • Topcoat applications
  • Label affixing
  • Scratch off panels
  • Printing of card carriers
  • Forms and envelope inserters


New security threats and shifting customer expectations test the limits of your card operations as cost pressures intensify. Face these mounting challenges head-on with a system designed for today’s card issuance realities. The Datacard® MX6100™ card issuance system delivers the security, versatility and economy you need to help sustain—and maximize—profitability into the future. Combine the MX6100 system with the Datacard® MXD610™ card delivery system and the Datacard® MXi610™ envelope Insertion system for a complete inline card-to-envelope solution, delivering up to 1,800 cards and forms per hour.



Pitting cost against capabilities can present some difficult trade-offs — but you don’t need to compromise long-term profitability for short-term savings. The Datacard® MX2100™ card issuance system is the most affordable high-volume solution offering true field modularity. Start with the capabilities you need today, and add features and capacity as your operation grows. Combine the MX2100 system with the Datacard® MXD210™ card delivery system and the Datacard® MXi211™ envelope insertion system for a complete card-to-envelope solution.



The Datacard® MX1100™ card issuance system is designed to help financial institutions, governments and other organizations take an affordable first step into centralized card issuance. This system is conveniently offered in several, fixed configurations with the flexibility to choose personalization and card delivery options to meet your specific needs. For a minimal investment, you can expect nothing but proven Datacard® quality, reliability and ease-of-use. Combine the MX1100 system with the Datacard® MXD110™ card delivery system and the Datacard® MXi111™ envelope insertion system for a complete card-to-envelope solution.