Prox Cards & Readers

Higher quality, more durable materials - at a lower price. Midwest Card is the solution of choice!

Proximity cards, key fobs and readers are used to control access to your building, entry into restricted areas, parking gates and more. Holding a card up to the access control reader identifies the card holder and access is authorized or denied based on pre-determined system parameters.

If you aren't purchasing prox cards and devices from Midwest Card, you're probably paying too much. Call us to find out how you can obtain higher durability cards for the same price as your regular prox cards - and probably even less!


MOCA Cards

MOCA cards are faster, more secure cards, with far more storage space than traditional prox cards – at a lower price! MOCA is a contactless smart card that's capable of handling multiple applications because of its open architecture. MOCA can be used for a lot more than opening doors!


Prox Card Readers

The same high standards we have for cards applies to readers. Midwest Card installs the most robust, affordable, readers and guarantees that they will seamlessly integrate with your access control system.


Clamshell Proximity Cards

The Clamshell card is highly durable since it is significantly thicker and more rigid than a typical credit card. The thickness and rigidity make this card ideal for harsh environments and applications in which cards need to be re-used.


Proximity Cards & Key Fobs

Midwest Card offers almost every variety of proximity cards, multi-technology cards and key fobs. We only sell premium quality cards, so our customers never have to worry about wasting cards due to poor quality print surfaces.