Patient Identification

Identifying and registering patients can be time-consuming and prone to costly errors. Our comprehensive healthcare solutions can help!

We can simplify the registration process and eliminate errors and duplicates in your master patient index (MPI) at the same time!  Reduce costly duplication of medical records by providing patients with Rapid Registration cards.

Encouraging patients to carry your card serves multiple purposes.

The card is a powerful branding tool, serving as a "billboard in the billfold" that creates affinity between your organization and your patients. It is also an invaluable "key to the records room," as it allows your registration personnel to instantly retrieve the correct record for returning patients – with a single swipe!


Patient ONECard

Reduce costs while improving patient care and patient satisfaction!

Registration can be a tedious, labor-intensive process for patients and staff. The Patient ONECard solution available from Midwest Card, allows hospitals to streamline the registration process by replacing manual data entry with a simple swipe of a plastic card! You'll experience reduced labor costs and move patients through your waiting room with remarkable efficiency. Patient ONECard also reduces errors and can virtually eliminate the occurrence of duplicate medical records!

Mobile Clinical Workstations

The Midwest Card/Flo Mobile Workstations are designed to go where they are needed the most.

The large flat panel display eliminates eye strain for users who spend hours working at the computer. A large, height adjustable work surface dynamically positions to specific requirements whether you are sitting or standing.

Entering patient data at the point-of-care on full-size PC keyboards eliminates transposition and/or typographical errors from re-keying data or keying data into small cramped notebook PC keyboards.

Options, Options, Options: electronic signature capture, wireless barcode scanning and forms scanning.

Wireless mobile computing improves patient safety and satisfaction. Your users and patients will love it