Matica Printers

Matica has used its world-class expertise in central issuance to inspire the technology behind the new Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) architecture, feeding the growing global demand for desktop solutions. In harnessing this long-respected technology for the desktop, Matica has been able to deliver exciting new features such as the market’s highest throughput, optimum levels of autonomy, and vastly improved modularity and flexibility.


Espresso II

Espresso II is Matica’s response to the evolving needs in the ID card printing sector. An adaptable direct-to-card printer, Espresso is a perfect blend between German reliability and Italian design and engineering. This desktop model offers consistent performance, speedy output and additional options to meet the developing needs of your organization.


XID 8300 Printer

The flexible way for Smart Card Personalization

The modular single- or double-sided EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs, as it is equipped with various optional modules such as bend remedy, flipper, and encoding modules. Based on the longtime approved and extreme solid XID Retransfer technology, the printer is ready for plug and play inline encoding as well as lamination. The printer delivers the right combination of reliability, performance and affordability for printing durable and secure cards due to its compact size. It almost achieves offset printing quality, even on uneven surface of smart cards.


ILM Laminating Module

Extend the life and security of your cards with the ILM (Inline Lamination Module). The card surface will be protected against physical damage and the card life will be extended by applying clear and secure laminates on the card. Custom or generic holographic foils also help to protect the cards against tampering. With the optional external Flipper Unit, either can be upgraded to double-side lamination or even to sandwich lamination of different laminates. Laminators are combined with printers, based on style.

Retired Printers

DCP 350 Printer

A high-performance, single- and/or double-side printer for your growing needs

The very competitive single- and/or double-side, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 350 Direct Card Printer is the perfect solution for all kinds of applications whether a photo is printed or not. With its attractive design and sturdy construction, the EDIsecure® DCP 350 produces high quality, professional looking ID cards and fits perfectly on any desk.


DCP 360+ Printer

The most powerful and compact direct card printer in its class

he new, modern-designed, double-sided, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 360+ Professional Direct Card Printer was developed for industrial needs and is prepared for plug and play inline lamination. With its versatility and state-of-the-art features the robust DCP 360+ is the most powerful desktop card printer in the world. The unconventional portrait mode printing engine shortens card feeding path and achieves an extremely impressive print speed of 19 seconds per card (single side), which allows to print more than 180 full-color cards per hour.