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Now you can, with People Track™ Visitor Management. People Track is an easy-to-use visitor management solution for buildings. And because it’s so simple to set up, it’s an ideal replacement for the outdated log books you may be using now.
Even for the most inexperienced user, People Track software lets you quickly and easily do the following:
  • capture visitor information and check people in
  • instantly create a visitor badge with photo
  • run a complete visit history report for later use
Fully featured for today’s security needs People Track sits on your PC at the main entrance or multiple entrances so you can:
  • log-in each visitor
  • identify their reason for the visit
  • identify the person they’re visiting
  • scan their driver’s license (with optional ScanShell 800 card scanner)
  • classify each visitor (for example, active/inactive/restricted)
  • run a background check (with optional links to outside resources)
People Track’s intuitive interface is also customizable. You can easily create your own drop-down lists to meet the specific needs of your organization or institution.
People Track is available for Windows-based systems only. It runs on a Microsoft Access or SQL Server database.
Download this file (People Track Info Sheet.pdf)People Track Info Sheet.pdf[ ]2272 Kb
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