BadgePass SmartReg

Instantly populate your data entry screens with the swipe of a card using our automated enrollment system!

Manual data entry can be time consuming and is highly prone to error. SmartReg helps solve this problem by automatically populating your enrollment forms with data by swiping a card through a reader. It can populate virtually any Windows 2000/XP/Vista screen or form without data entry!

SmartReg offers built-in support for most cards that have machine readable data such as: Driver's Licenses, Credit Cards, Military IDs, and the new Foreign Workers Identification Card. The SmartReg system also includes a customizable library that allows you to add other ID cards that are unique to the population you serve.

Eliminate manual data entry today!

Download this file (SmartReg Info Sheet.pdf)SmartReg Info Sheet.pdf[ ]2099 Kb
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