Identification, Credentialing & Incident Command

The foundation of Midwest Card's ICS and accountability solution is its ability to create high-capacity, machine-readable ID cards and tags for agency personnel and equipment, as well as site passes for mutual aid, visitors, and evacuees.

Count on us to help you understand and stay compliant with federal mandates for identification and interagency interoperability. We will help you install systems for credentialing your responder community as they come to you for processing, or teach you how to employ portable ID systems so you can create IDs and labels, even wristbands, in the field.

  • Control access to disaster sites; track WHO is on scene, WHAT their credentials are, and WHEN they arrived/departed.
  • Interact with outside agencies to share resources and information via the web.
  • Create comprehensive reports outlining the details of command procedures and tasks.

Salamander Technologies' interTRAX® suite of solutions addresses three system elements: IDENTIFICATION, INCIDENT and INTEROPERABILITY. The products in these categories can each stand on their own, or they can be pulled together to create a total solution unique to each customer.

Identification: The foundation of the interTRAX® suite is its ability to create high-capacity, machine-readable ID cards and tags for agency personnel and equipment as well as site passes for mutual aid, site visitors, and evacuees.

Incident: The core of the interTRAX® suite is on-scene, computerized incident management. Functions include capturing data from machine-readable ID cards and tags, verifying a person's identity, and tracking all personnel so you know who is at the site, what their qualifications are, where they are assigned, and when they arrived/departed/last had a status check.

Interoperability: The pinnacle of the interTRAX® suite is its ability to share incident data with off-scene facilities or sister agencies to promote situational awareness, resource management, and interagency coordination.

Command Work Center

A complete solution used to issue credentials on-site. The durable water tight casing can house a command workstation, badging system, cable management, mobile tracking devices and badging supplies while protecting the equipment from atomospheric hazards.

Express Accountability Kit

A complete personnel accountability system in a rugged, easy-to-transport case featuring a laptop with Smart Card and/or barcode reading. Laptop is pre-loaded with Mobile Express software for on-scene data capture and incident management as well as Resource Manager for credentialing personnel.

Rapid Tag Work Center

Rapidly and accurately strip data from existing IDs such as driver's licenses, military CAC, and other FIPS 201 smart cards and create incident-specific IDs and site passes for mutual aid, site visitors, volunteers, evacuees and patients. Laptop, scanner and printer are all packaged in a heavy-duty case to protect from sun, dust and water.

Resource Manager

Photo-ID card software for agency IDs including powerful resource management tools for managing personnel and equipment records, qualifications, certifications, and NIMS resource typing.

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