POS Systems

Midwest Card systems can eliminate the headach of dealing with "lunch money" on a daily basis.

Federal reimbursement to school districts is calculated based upon student eligibility and participation in the Free and Reduced Meal Program. Districts that rely heavily on aid are very conscious of the need to improve participation.

Midwest Card's Point-of-Sale applications for K-12 deliver the results that districts need. Offering complete anonymity of the participants is a primary factor in increasing their participation. A card, PIN, photo touch screen, or biometric scanner can provide private and secure user authentication and speed up transactions in cafeteria lanes. Transactions are faster, so more students can make it through the line in any given lunch period.

Less cash handling improves transaction time, and cafeteria managers love the detailed reporting they can obtain from the system.

Happier students and staff, more meals served, more time to eat, better reporting, increased reimbursement - the advantages are plentiful. POS solutions from Midwest Card improve cash flow for school districts!

LCD Touch Terminal

The Point-of-Sale LCD touch screen terminal has been developed to meet the needs in a variety of POS environments. The special features include a motorized tilting LCD Display, which is tough and water proof. The screen is high quality, reliable and easy to look after.

Network Server Minimum Specifications:

  • Pentium Class IV or Xeon Server
  • 1 GHz or faster
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Network Interface Card
  • Network Switch Compatible With Fractional T-1
  • FSS-POSitive ID POS Software operates most efficiently on a Windows 2000 or better platform with connectivity at Fractional T-1 or better (500 KPS)
  • CAT-5 cabling must be run from the switch of the existing network
  • APS Battery back-up on server required and very highly recommended at POS station

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

MSO webNever again will a student hold up a lunch line to search for his/her ID card, fear peer pressure for being on a Free or Reduced meal plan, or have someone else charge a meal on their account. Biometrics eliminates lost or forgotten swipe cards, sharing of Personal Identification Numbers (PIN's), fraudulent ID card use or exchange, and card issuing or replacement costs.

PINpad Reader

The PINpad Reader is the answer for all of your PIN-based transaction needs. Users simply enter their 4-digit Personal Identification Number to make a transaction.

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