Midwest Card is the trusted name in patient identification and financial instant issuance. Card embossers are only a small piece of the puzzle, but we understand how important they are to your operations.

They're built to last, perform with minimal downtime and designed specifically for industry applications.


PG LR_295_webA powerful, modular patient identification solution, this compact system lets you issue high-quality patient ID cards - with your choice of embossed characters, bar codes, logos, text, graphics, smart card chips and encoded magnetic stripes - in a fast, single pass operation. The 295 offers all the card personalization capabilities you need to provide faster service, high-quality care and stronger marketing programs that can help you with patient loyalty.

Datacard 150i

PG HR_150i_webIssue embossed ATM, debit and credit cards in minutes! Ideal for banks, credit unions and retailers issuing cards and introducing new card programs. Increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty - put new cards in your customers' hands instantly with the 150i.

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