Card Personalization

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Reduce costs, improve profitability, shorten cycle times and gain full control of your card production operations!

If you need to produce brilliant, full-color cards on-demand – complete with in-line encoding and other advanced technology features - in your own facility, consult with Midwest Card to help you design the most efficient possible system!

We can help you design a system that combines speed and reliability with the ability to reduce card inventory costs, minimize cost-per-card and protect cardholder data with a variety of advanced security features. The MX 2000 and MX 6000 modular solutions deliver up to 1,500 cards per hour, helping to provide efficiency, productivity and profitability to your card program.

In-line card personalization systems help you gain complete control over production schedules and make your cost-per-card highly predictable. Our inline and stand-alone solutions automatically personalize forms, affix cards and create ready-to-mail packages. Our advanced forms personalization capabilities enable card issuers to launch powerful one-to-one marketing strategies.

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